Contributing to in need families, schools and communities (over $197,000) .


Involving musicians and the music industry in the creation of social activities and programs addressing and benefiting people and communities in economic distress –Music with a Mission. 


To combine the influence and affluence of the music industry with community programs and activism that improves associated circumstances of distressed and marginalized communities. 

Our Story

Born in 2001, Redemption Song, Inc (Redemsong) is the vision of Paulette Brown Campbell, a songwriter with a passion for music, creative writing and humanitarianism. A social scientist, artist and entrepreneur, she visioned culminating those elements into a community benefiting machine that would embody a mission of benefiting children, families and communities battling the human destruction of poverty, economic deprivation and disenfranchisement. The organization set out to develop a deeper incorporation of music and its industry within the needs of marginalized communities; the communities, viewed by our organization, as the very source of wealth enjoyed by the industry. Although our organization's vision inception was in 2001, it remained just a vision to be actualized until 2011 when our community programs went live and strong in disadvantaged communities. The results were humbling.

 The organization had never lost sight of its vision but the years between the initial vision and actualization was necessary for it to find its way in the world - such an avant-garde idea. When the idea of mission dualism emerged (meaning partnership with organizations pursuing the same mission) it became the stepping stone for how the organization would begin to execute itself. 

Hence, community programs and partners are invited to the Redemsong family to benefit from our grassroots campaigns, fundraising, and social activities that fiscally strengthens under-served communities. The issue of social concern at hand for Redemsong is poverty and economic stagnation. We see it as a poisonous root with a ripple effect that spreads across many spectra.  We do not think we can eliminate poverty.  We are not delusional.  What we know is that the formation and organization of groups confronting any social concern will eventually culminate into a force of its own right that will form a level of resistance and intervention.  So we see ourselves as a soundboard, using music, musicians and the music industry as a matter of fact tool that reiterates the awareness and partakes in the intervention of the dysfunction of poverty and economic deprivation and immobility.

Our People

As the community vision of an artist who had done impressive work in the music industry, the organization is fueled by staff and board members with extensive community work achievements and activism as well as music industry and artistic ambitions and experience,  combining a right mixture for the execution of the organization's unique mission. Stop by our Staff Page and meet us!




Family Volunteer Grant Program:$500-$600 grant program for residents in marginalized communities with a volunteer criterion.


Children Library International Project (CLIP): international book program for impoverished overseas schools.


Music Scholarships: providing music instruments for music departments in USA schools who are unable to fund their school’s music departments.


Operation Music: our annual fundraising benefit, supporting the efforts of the above mentioned organizational programs.


Redemption Song Inc. - Music with a Mission.




Combine the influence and affluence of the music industry with community programs and activism that improves associated circumstances of distressed and marginalized communities.

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